Monday, September 19, 2005

Putting my updates on Knox page here to try and keep track

more cemetery listings online as of May 17th, 2005 new cemetery upload June 22, 2005 lots of Photos...
More cemetery uploads...July 09-19, 2005 working on Abingdon this week. 7-30-8-06-2005--All of Abingdon Cemetery listings online August 04.2005---coming up=== Knoxville Cem.

Knox County's first settler's
July 24,2005 updated

New bios for link below July 30th, 2005
Portrait & Biographical Album

New bios added/split index page below link June 22, 2004
1899 Historical Encyclopedia Illinois Knox

New bios added August, 2005
1912 History of Knox County, IL

Note from Foxie

Also, starting next Wednesday June 14, 2005--- I will be out of the office until June 20, 2005.
The wedding was wonderful. I've never been filled with so much emotions in all of my life. Tina was a very beautiful bride and along with her handsome groom Noah. Here she is dancing with her Uncle Ron, my hubby. Didn't seem to get too many photos of them... this I propertied down it's not clickable to make bigger...

Then the next week end I have the grave marking of a daughter of American Revolutionary War soldier. Have also put a link to that site. they are both on my new Knox county web page as they are taking place in Knox County, IL. The Peckinpaugh were also in Warren County, IL, too. But if you need my assistance email me and I will get it when I come back.

Thanks for your patience. Foxie

Note from Foxie: I have just uploaded early this (June 09,2005) morning at
Savings Graves and Illinois site. Anyone wishing to join in the fun and make their own web page for a county of cemeteries or know of any endangered cemeteries in their area. click on the above link for more information. Thanks! Happy Days.....

Knox Cemetery Page
Corbin FamilyJuly 14, 2005

Monday, June 06, 2005


Hi I want people to post here.... you can logg in to the blogger thing and get an id and password and then you can post here or just post by clicking on the comments. you can also email a post to a friend or relative by click on the letter on the other side of where it says comments. It's not hard. I need to take the photos off of here so it will download easier... I just posted them for special people I took tombstone photos for But haven't had the time to delete them from here.
Have a nice day...


Hello everyone,
Have been super busy and have not been for Kathy Mills, and Joyce would not be getting anything online right at the moment...... But I am... And they hae been great. Just an update I have an upcoming wedding for my niece who is like a daughter to me and we had her bachlorette party on June 04, 2005. I was in for a huge surprise when we went to the bars in the District they call it now in downtown Rock Island, IL. It was crazy. I'd never seen so many young children out in the bars in all of my life. there were several we were in that were so crowed you couldn't hardly breath. Then when they get to dancing and they said the Sixties was awful and degrading and whatever. Well, I've got news for all of us who was raised in the olden golden times of the 1960's They now have Elvis beat all to heck with the dancing. I could not hardly believe the way people were dancing and such even just two girls. They called Elvis vulgar. Well, my main man Elvis, was tame compared to what I watched all night.... But we had fun. I just tried to ignore it. The music was so loud the speakers were vibrating and it was on records or somehting of that order. Seemed the places they had a band at weren't doing as good a business as the ones that didn't have a band. But we had a gay old time and everything was fine. Just tired and now trying to take a breath before the storms hits.
I am busy with wedding and such and then have the DAR marking then next week end. So, if i am doing research for you just hang in there I will get to it.... I'm not home much at the moment and not have to go to bed after sitting here all night answering emails.... so will chat with my friends inthe outer world of genealogy land a little bit later. Have a great and loving time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

8:12 a m on Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Boy, has this ever been a night. Been sitting here since yesterday off and on while doing some copying for people I'm doing research for, then I made a new web page for Coming Events for this Knox County Illinois page, then added two pages I made one for my niece's wedding which is happening in June, and then the other for a DAR daughter marking of a grave in the Knoxville Cemetery, Knoxville, Il. Then I went through over 300 digital photos I have on my computer and named by the people whose names are on the tombstones, these are just for the Knoxville Cemetery, Knoxville, IL. Then added a few obituaries to the Knox Obit page. then had to upload them all. Got that all done. Then decided my niece needed a guest book for people to wish her good luck on her coming marriage so I made a wedding guest blogger and attached it to her web page. Oh, what a night and early morning. The old man gets up as ususal and never says a word. Doesn't say "Gooding morning, how are you today?" Nope nothing comes out of his mouth. He just goes into the kitchen and gets ready for work and then talks to our daughter Kate. She's always in a fowl mood and I can't seem to say anything to her in the mornings either. So, just kept working on this and now am going to go and lay down for a bit. Have to go to town to run some errands today and then be back at the grind stone tonight and later on. Don't we just love all this genelaogy.... somebody outhere is where and whom we might be able to locate them if they would just show their pretty little faces somewhere along the line. Well, better skid daddle and get a little rest before the morning is over. You all out there in Genealogy land have a great day a hunting everyone up and hope you find whom or whoever you are looking for....
Just me,

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Knox County Illinois Guestbook Blogger

Hi, my name is Foxie Hagerty and I am creating this blogger to use as a guestbook on my site. I've tried using guestbooks with their html coding and such but doesn't somehow work with my frontpage editor I use in making my webpages. So, here you can post what you would like to see on this web site and any complaints, compliments, arguements, or whatever you feel like saying.
I created my Knox County, Illinois web site in March of 2005 and uploaded it in April 2005. I will be currently focusing on cemeteries with tombstone photos, obituaries, biographies out of the three late 1800 history books I have, along with putting the pictures of old buildings, the people who founded our very nice and comfy knox county. So, hope you will be clicking on here to post what ever you feel like. It won't go anywhere else as I don't have this going to the other bloggers on google. Have a great day..... Happy Gene Hunting in the Bunting......
Your work is never done it just goes on and on and on and on.... I just love it....
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