Monday, June 06, 2005


Hi I want people to post here.... you can logg in to the blogger thing and get an id and password and then you can post here or just post by clicking on the comments. you can also email a post to a friend or relative by click on the letter on the other side of where it says comments. It's not hard. I need to take the photos off of here so it will download easier... I just posted them for special people I took tombstone photos for But haven't had the time to delete them from here.
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Anonymous Diane Lowry said...


Thank you for listing cemetary info on your website. I have been trying to find where my husband's great grandmother, Mary E. Lowry died and was buried. According to the State of Illinois, a Mary E. Lowry died in Knox County. Thanks to your website, I found a number of Lowry's in Abdington cemetery. The Mary Lowry buried there is not the Mary Lowry I am looking for. But, by process of elimination, I will find her.

Thank you for providing this information.

Diane Lowry

6:42 PM  

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