Monday, September 19, 2005

Putting my updates on Knox page here to try and keep track

more cemetery listings online as of May 17th, 2005 new cemetery upload June 22, 2005 lots of Photos...
More cemetery uploads...July 09-19, 2005 working on Abingdon this week. 7-30-8-06-2005--All of Abingdon Cemetery listings online August 04.2005---coming up=== Knoxville Cem.

Knox County's first settler's
July 24,2005 updated

New bios for link below July 30th, 2005
Portrait & Biographical Album

New bios added/split index page below link June 22, 2004
1899 Historical Encyclopedia Illinois Knox

New bios added August, 2005
1912 History of Knox County, IL

Note from Foxie

Also, starting next Wednesday June 14, 2005--- I will be out of the office until June 20, 2005.
The wedding was wonderful. I've never been filled with so much emotions in all of my life. Tina was a very beautiful bride and along with her handsome groom Noah. Here she is dancing with her Uncle Ron, my hubby. Didn't seem to get too many photos of them... this I propertied down it's not clickable to make bigger...

Then the next week end I have the grave marking of a daughter of American Revolutionary War soldier. Have also put a link to that site. they are both on my new Knox county web page as they are taking place in Knox County, IL. The Peckinpaugh were also in Warren County, IL, too. But if you need my assistance email me and I will get it when I come back.

Thanks for your patience. Foxie

Note from Foxie: I have just uploaded early this (June 09,2005) morning at
Savings Graves and Illinois site. Anyone wishing to join in the fun and make their own web page for a county of cemeteries or know of any endangered cemeteries in their area. click on the above link for more information. Thanks! Happy Days.....

Knox Cemetery Page
Corbin FamilyJuly 14, 2005
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